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Unfortunately, infidelity investigations are one of the most requested services from investigators. If you suspect your spouse or loved one is cheating, you are probably right. Your intuition is the most important factor in determining whether your significant other is cheating or not. No one knows your significant other better than you. Knowing our loved ones, means knowing their behavioral patterns. When that pattern is broken, there is usually a very good reason.

Family Law

Family Law

Whether you’re currently in litigation or considering litigation for matters such as adoption, child custody, matrimonial, child support, or many other types of cases Youlen Detective Agency can assist you in your pursuit of achieving what you desire to accomplish. Many of these types of cases typically always involve legal counsel to whom we work with diligently to gather the necessitated evidence to garner a successful court determination. Each and every case is unique in its own right, and necessitates a customized plan of action from experienced professionals. Call us today for a free consultation.

Background Investigations

Background Investigations

Whether you're an attorney needing to locate a witness or defendant, or an employer looking to add a new hire, the Youlen Detective Agency provides in-depth comprehensive background investigations using the latest data collection techniques and services. Reports can include a review of a persons’ address history, aliases, criminal records, civil litigation, employment, associates/neighbors and much more.

Political Opposition Research

Political opposition research is a form of due diligence that investigates and analyzes the background, history, and motivations of a particular political subject. Information is factually driven, its findings can arm campaigns, corporations, and issue advocacy groups with the facts and knowledge they need to develop smart and informed political communications strategies to produce a winning cause or candidate.

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  • Asset Research
  • Background Investigations
  • Civil Process Server
  • Computer Forensics
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Family Law
  • GPS Tracking
  • Matrimonial/Divorce
  • Missing Persons
  • Surveillance
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Client Testimonials

I wanted to write and thank you for your assistance last month with the interviews. As you know, I have been in law enforcement for more than 25 years and spent many of those years supervising investigators. Your approach in locating the witnesses was tenacious; your interviewing skills were well honed and your demeanor exhibited in rapport building with the witnesses was remarkable. It was evident in all aspects of your work that you had served a number of years as a sworn police officer; the professionalism and experience shone through. I would highly recommend your services to those in need of a private investigator in Northern Virginia.

You truly were my angel through this chapter of my life. I honestly feel God connected me with you, the things you said during the month you watched XXXXX helped me get from one moment to the next. Last Monday was another difficult day and again you said just the right thing at the perfect time to get me through it. I made the right decision and feel happier every morning. You are in the right career and I want you to know how much I appreciate all of your kindness. I wish you and your XXXXXXXX all the happiness in the world! Thank you!!

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