Computer/Smart Phone/Tablet Forensics

Computer/Smart Phone/Tablet forensic analysis and electronic discovery are the processes of obtaining electronic evidence from computers and electronic media in order to analyze and preserve that evidence for admissibility in court. Youlen Detective Agency’s forensics department has dedicated staff that specialize in the identification, extraction, interpretation and most importantly, documentation of electronic evidence. We work with individuals, businesses, and lawyers that are skilled in all areas, including preparation for legal actions and trial.

Our Computer/Smart Phone/Tablet forensic staff which uses a tool called Bitflare to:

  • Extract electronic data from databases, obtain emails from email servers, and reconstruct events from electronic evidence.
  • Search “unallocated” space on the computer’s hard drive. These are spaces on a computer where data exists but is not easily reachable without a forensics expert.
  • Find “hidden or deleted files”. These are computer files that are not visible to the user, but that can be analyzed to find past usage information.
  • Acquire data from virtually any type of computer media including hard drives, backup tapes, CD-ROM, and floppy disks.
  • Our Computer/Smart Phone/Tablet forensic analysis can reveal internet usage, dates, and times that the internet was accessed, what websites were visited, and what files were downloaded. This information can be documented for use in legal proceedings.
  • Our forensic specialists can recover data and accomplish a full analysis even after the computer has been reformatted and files deleted. Our complete and detailed analysis uses industry-standard methodology, and we supply you with a concise written report when done.

Additionally, our Computer/Smart Phone/Tablet forensic specialists and private investigators can:

  • Determine the best legal and technical strategies
  • Aid in depositions
  • Provide expert witness testimony
  • Preparation of client witnesses
  • Offer objective expert testimony
  • Expose flaws in the opposing counsel’s evidence interpretation

We encourage you to contact us today. All information will be kept strictly confidential.