January 2024

Good Morning, We have resolved the case. Thank you very much for the help. We will certainly use your services in the future. (Fairfax County- Commonwealth of Va vs. Chante Jones)

April 2023

Michael: The conversation we had today demonstrated that we are at an end, and as you state it and your actions have provided me the best positive result given the circumstances. I am asking the universe to fill my life with more people like you! Thank you!

July 2022

Hi Michael, I wanted to add. I will be recommending your services to all my friends and definitely using you in the future. I really appreciate your help.

November 2021

Thank you very much you all are great. Lifesaver!

February 2021

Thank you Mr. Youlen. This is a very fast and outstanding professional service. I will keep in touch. All the best!

November 2020

A little late to say this but thank you very much! My friend submitted this for yesterday’s court hearing and seemed to have it turned the tide in his favor.

January 2020

If I need your services further trust me I WILL. Contact you. Thank you for all of your professionalism.

December 2019

Hello Michael,

This is XXXXX XXXXX. I just want to take a minute to tell you how grateful I am that you did this for me. So thanks to you from my heart for your generosity and good detective work. I hope we can get this issue resolved and we can go ahead and put my XXXXXX interest before our own.

Merry Christmas. Please know that I said a very special prayer for you and your family. May God continue blessing you abundantly so you can continue to help others.

February 2019

Thanks again, his father is the gentleman that lives in Colonial Beach and he was sooo sweet/receptive. Pretty cool . . . Awesome Job!

December 2018

Thank you for everything. Merry Christmas!

You probably saved my life!

April 2018

I can’t thank you enough for your all your help. Your professionalism and kindness have been a blessing even in this bad situation.

Thank you,


March 2018

Instead of calling you a Detective I am going to call you an Angel sent from God to get justice throughout the world, because that is exactly what I feel you are to me, and for what you have done so far. God thank-you for creating this guy, Michael Youlen with all his splendor!!!! He is doing good work down here on this planet!!!!

January 2018 (International Client)

Thank you for you assistance in this matter, I have already submitted the information to our Local Child Development Agency (CDA) who works with different organizations in your country as it relates to parental abduction and will await their response. This is an ongoing case and my first successful effort in providing them with a physical address. I look forward to doing future business with you and again thank you very much for your help. I will definitely keep in touch…

October 2017

I found him! We’ve been talking for the past few weeks, and actually did a DNA test to confirm. He IS my dad and he’ll be coming down to XXXXXXXXX in the next few weeks!

Thanks so much!

August 2017

Thank you. I’m so glad you were able to locate XXXXXX. While he didn’t have to testify, him being there made all the difference in getting XXXXXX to settle. I feel like I made out much better than if we had to go through the full trial.

Hopefully, I won’t ever need an investigator again, but you’ll be the first person I call if I do.

June 2017

I don’t know how to thank for all the effort you’ve done for me.
Thank You!

July 2015

You truly were my angel through this chapter of my life. I honestly feel God connected me with you, the things you said during the month you watched XXXXX helped me get from one moment to the next. Last Monday was another difficult day and again you said just the right thing at the perfect time to get me through it. I made the right decision and feel happier every morning. You are in the right career and I want you to know how much I appreciate all of your kindness. I wish you and your XXXXXXXX all the happiness in the world! Thank you!!

November 2014

Once again, I really appreciate your help in sorting through this situation…your investigation and line of questioning really made it clear to my wife and I that XXXXX is a responsible and credible young man who learned a very difficult lesson. He just turned XX last week…and I got to tell you, the smile that came over his face when he read that he was accepted at XXXXXX was the first real smile I’ve seen from him in months…so in the end, I hope he will learn from this and come out stronger, but he’s already a pretty cool XXXX!

Anyway, thought you would like to know….thanks again for your help. It was a pleasure working with you.

August 2014

I’ll keep you in mind, and will highly recommend you to anyone who may need professional services that you provide.

Thanks for all your hard work.

March 2014

Michael is not only a great investigator, he is a great human being. He told me to get a copy of my father’s will, even though I was sure I had been cut out. Turns out he was right, I was not cut out and am entitled to a portion. I believe my sister absconded with my portion, so Michael referred me to a lawyer, since he said I did not need him at this point. Michael is totally trust worthy. I tried several other investigators on Angie’s List who did not pan out and didn’t even follow through. Michael was my last resort. DON’T USE ANYONE BY MICHAEL as an investigator.

Michael made my day, year…my life. And what did Michael charge me? $0.00.”

February 2014


My separation agreement has been finalized and signed. As you might expect, the spousal support amount was reduced and (Redacted) signed pretty quickly after I made her aware of the report I had detailing her activities with (Redacted) over the past few months. Many thanks to you for the help in getting the truth about what was going on. I am estimating that I saved in the hundreds of thousands of dollars since I am only paying alimony while the (Redacted) remain at home. After that I owe her nothing. Once again – thanks for your help. You did a great job, and I appreciate your efforts. If you need a recommendation, let me know. Doing business with you was great, despite the awful circumstances involved. Thanks.

January 2014

I and my children will always remember you when they see the full picture of who their XXXXX was later. Your hard work has indeed paid off. What you did to get the truth out is an excellent example of a well organized professionalism,integrity and honesty one can wish for when executing a job such as this. I have the full report. God bless you and your family

January 2014 – Angie’s List

He provided me with assistance in dealing with harassment from a resident in my development. Mike is very professional and courteous to deal with.  He responded to my initial call very quickly. He gave me some practical and useful tips on how to deal with my situation. Mike was always responsive to my emails and questions. His rates are reasonable. I highly recommend his services.

December 2013


I want to express all my gratefulness for what you have done on my behalf, your work was excellent, very professional and caused the effect it was intended for, nevertheless was not necessary to expose it publicly, the sole document was useful to negotiate with (redacted).  Thank you very much for your efficient help, I don’t find more words to express my gratitude to you.

October 2013


I wanted to write and thank you for your assistance last month with the interviews. As you know, I have been in law enforcement for more than 25 years and spent many of those years supervising investigators. Your approach in locating the witnesses was tenacious; your interviewing skills were well honed and your demeanor exhibited in rapport building with the witnesses was remarkable. It was evident in all aspects of your work that you had served a number of years as a sworn police officer; the professionalism and experience shone through. I would highly recommend your services to those in need of a private investigator in Northern Virginia.

April 2013

Thank you, my dear.  You have been an absolute joy to work with and I will refer anyone I come across to you.  I admire your integrity and your willing spirit to go out at any hour of the day or night to get the job done.  I also admire your ability to work with angry people like me who are so mad and so betrayed that we cannot see straight.  I am appalled in my own work at people who take their anger out on others and yet I have seen myself doing this a couple of times in the last few months and for that I am so very sorry. I will surely keep you updated on the outcome of all of this.  You are like me.  You are interested and invested in the outcomes of all your hard work.  And your heart is in this.  I hope to be able to meet you one day.  I thank you for everything.  To give me the truth has been an unbelievable gift, and that is what you do…..you give the truth.   Thank you Michael.   You are a good person with a faithful heart.

February 2013

Hi Mike,

First and foremost, many thanks for everything you have helped me with! Your professionalism, understanding and kindness have made this situation the best it possibly could have been. I’m hoping that the services will NOT be needed in the future, but I appreciate the information. I’m moving forward, but have learned however to never say never to any situation! Anything is possible 😉

Thanks again and wish you all the best!

June 2012

With the most sincerest gratitude am I writing this email to you. I wanted to let you know that you are truly a god sent angel in my life. Not sure why did the idea of hiring investigator never popped into my head before but when it did after nearly 6 years of marriage I am so happy that I was able to search your name/website via internet. From the day one you were very approachable & considerate about the entire situation. You always made yourself available via personal cellphone & email and were extremely prompt at replying back to my emails/concerns.

As you may have guessed my wife and I have permanently separated and the evidence collected by you saved me & my family from a lifetime of torment, torture & shame. I was truly shocked, disturbed and mentally/emotionally shaken up to the core after seeing your surveillance evidence. But during all this somehow god & my faith has given my strength to move past this relationship and focus on establishing new life & future for myself. I am so glad I was able to leave my spouse after watching the evidence because just recently I found out again thru mutual friends that my cheating ex-spouse is still on the cheating spree with multiple other people/partners. Not sure where the ex-spouse is going in life and if they will ever find true love but from this point forward I will focus solely on me and start a new positive chapter in life.

My parents and I always talk about you and we truly are in your debt for saving our family from the clutches of this cheater who even till the last day of relationship had no remorse. We always heard about bad people but you showed me that I was living with one for years. This entire case has now been resolved within our attorneys as my spouse has signed & handed over notarized copy of the ‘Property Settlement Agreement’. I can file for divorce in the first week of November. Your evidence alone was the single most important artifact that saved me from financial collapse as my spouse barely got anything out of me during the time of separation. Please keep the money that was left in my retainer balance as a gift to you for all your services.

If in future I can assist you in anyway please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do best to my abilities to help you. God Bless!

July 2012


Finally my divorce is 99.9% over and done. Thanks to your investigation, this was all settled in mediation. She got what she more or less deserved. Instead of $1200 a month alimony for life she ended up with $350 for 4 years and 3 years medical insurance. I offered the 350 and insurance, just so I didn’t have to take the chance that a judge would pity her and stick it to me as the mediator advised me to do.

The best part came when we tossed out the paper with her up-dated daycare license, she lost it in front of the mediator. Then she wanted my Harley and when the mediator and her lawyer found out that it was bought with inheritance money, that was out, and she was about at the end of her rope at this point and they split us up.

I believe her lawyer advised her to take what she could get and run because of all your hard work overwhelmed them. I basically ended up with it all. House, bike, truck and best of all, my money or most of it at least.

We would like to thank you again. If the occasion arises again we will definitely be calling you. Thanks again!

December 2012

My attorney was delighted to see the pictures.  He used them to contact opposing counsel, and try to coerce Mr. (Redacted) into action.  I don’t need any more evidence, since what we have thus far is perfect and completely addresses the alleged “death bed” excuse.  I wish there was more work that needs to be done.  You’re a master in your field!  I’ll have to refer you to anyone needing P.I. service.